Families today are busier than ever before in history. HappyFeet classes bring the child development benefits of our soccer curriculum right to your child's school.

Our trained coaches lead weekly soccer classes that guide your child to become a brave, creative, leader in soccer and in life.

Many preschoolers are suffering because of lack of physical activity.

HappyFeet Soccer classes are designed to maximize MVPA (moderate to vigorous physical activity) during your child's school day. This helps them perform better in school and is a welcomed break from their normal routines. Plus, soccer during the day saves your family time during the evening!

Physical Activity Improves Learning

Improve Agility, Balance, and Coordination

Save Your Family Time

We may be silly, but we take your child's first soccer experience seriously.

Your child can have an enjoyable and foundational first soccer experience!
Positive, encouraging environment
Trained, caring coaches
Nationally recognized curriculum
Organized sessions
Clear communication

Trained Coaches

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Organized Communication

Exciting changes are here! We want you to know our coaches and staff are excited to serve you with the approach, philosophy, and values they have built over the years. You can check out our new website at: